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Meet Sally and Chris

Sally was born and raised in Vicksburg. Her mother, Betty, was the historian. Chris, the chef and husband of Sally, was raised in New Orleans. The husband-wife duo has been in the restaurant business for 25 years. Sally was a district manger for a large corporate chain and Chris was a corporate kitchen trainer. Betty started the business with Chris and, then, Sally came on board. Sally is the hospitality and Chris is all about the food. We love to guide a straying tourist in the right direction. So what makes Main Street Market Café the place that is your GO-TO restaurant???

That is so easy!

It welcomes you from the moment you drive up in the summer and see the array of zinnias in full bloom. It greets you with “JoJo,” our little chef mascot, at the door. And the smells creeping down the street beg you to come on in! Chris’ likes to say he’s “chummy” the air! That is Main Street Market Café — just a little something different, but so comforting.

Sally and Chris are both number 6 out of 8 in their families. They grew up with fresh food on the table. Chris’ mother, Teresa, had the abundance of seafood at her disposal from the New Orleans waterfront. Chris’ gift to you is fresh, clean, real food. His gumbo is a staple on the menu. His white beans and rice have changed a few people’s minds about beans. Chris can turn anything into a great homemade soup. Soup or salad comes with everything on the menu. Sally loves to find a recipe and tweak it and make it their own. Market regulars don’t mind being guinea pigs! But there are plenty of hand-me-down recipes on the menu, too. Betty’s biscuits are legendary. In the house in which the eight grew up, a poem honoring her biscuits hung on the wall. Biscuits are rolled out fresh everyday. And pies! Oh my! Chocolate Chunky Pecan, Lemon Chess, and Sally’s creations are just a few of the favorites.

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